Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wiki questions


Metals structure and its properties
Copper can be beaten out into thin sheets without shattering into pieces.
(a) Name this property.
(b) Explain how this property is related to the metallic structure and bonding of Copper.

Simple covalent molecules and shapes of molecules
The molecules CH2O and NH3 both consist of a central atom with three other atoms bonded to it covalently. In spite of this similarity, the shapes and bond angles of the two molecules are quite different.
a) Discuss the reasons for this.
b) Explain why BH3 is trigonal planar while CH4 is tetrahedral.

Properties of Materials
Discuss with reference to structure and bonding:
a) Chlorine is a gas at room temperature but sodium chloride is solid

b) Ammonia has a bond angle of 107º whereas the bond angles in water are only 105º.

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